Monday, September 21, 2009

Rab, day 2

This is our one full day in Rab; tomorrow we'll drive down the coast to Trogir, to cut our drive to Dubrovnik in half. Our plan today was a leisurely breakfast on the patio, then a long walk through the older part of Rab. Breakfast here wasn't as bad as the one in Plitvicka, to be sure, but it wasn't Hoi An in Vietnam, or Old Goa in India, either. Still, the croissants were crisp and delicious, and the coffee was strong and wonderful. After breakfast, Marc went to pick this little fruit off a tree - we have no idea what it is:

The weather is still perfect, so we set out to explore. First, up the stairs, away from the harbor:

There are all sorts of churches back here, in all states of repair and disrepair. This one has been around since the 13th century: the Church of St John.

This one is called St Mary the Great.
and the pieta looks kind of grim - rigor mortis setting in, or something:
Also, there are all kinds of little homes back here - I'd live in most of them in a heartbeat.

Or here:
This one had a little lemon tree [very pretty....] right outside the front door:
Scenic little streets heading down to the harbor
And all of this overlooking the Adriatic:
still extremely happy....
Then we walked to the newer part of town, to an area called the commercial center. There's a bus station, a bank, a post office, a number of little bakeries and ice cream joints, some cafes, and some other small shops. It's not all that charming:

But we did find pomegranate trees, bulging with red fruit, and fig trees here and there. Marc picked one and we sat on the curb and bit into it - YUM.

Later this afternoon, we're going back to the old area when the sun is lower in the sky, and then we'll find another restaurant for tonight's dinner. Fish of some kind, no doubt, although I can't bear to have the faces on my plate so I may have to get something else. More to come from Rab.

Have I mentioned what a wonderful time we're having? This is us in the elevator:

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