Friday, April 24, 2009

Stop #3: Dubrovnik

Actually, we'll be staying just outside Dubrovnik at this beautiful family run boutique hotel situated at the beginning of the promenade in the old town of Cavtat, in a centuries old mansion. Twelve rooms. Sweet.

Apparently there are bells. Bells ringing 52 peals at 6 a.m and again at 6.30a.m. Shades of Enkhuisen. At least we know ahead of time. Cavtat is on a lovely harbor:

Cavtat sounds and looks absolutely gorgeous; click here for a slideshow of photos of the town. We'll explore Cavtat, I'm sure, but we're there for Dubrovnik. People go on and on about Dubrovnik, I cannot wait to see it (flickr slideshow here). It's an ancient walled city:

Four nights in Dubrovnik/Cavtat, and then we head up the coast to Split.

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